Ram is simply Random Access Memory. RAM is a part of main memory. RAM is called main memory because we can randomly and quickly access any location in memory. It is used to store instructions waiting to be obeyed, instructions currently being obeyed, data awaiting processing, data currently being processed, and data awaiting output.



RAM are of two types:

  1. DRAM
  2. SRAM

DRAM stands for Dynamic RAM. It is the type of memory in a modern computer. It is dense, very small, and it is very inexpensive, which makes it affordable for large amount of memory. The memory cells in a DRAM chip are tiny capacitors that retain a charge to indicate a bit. The problem with DRAM is it is dynamic, and because of the design it must be constantly refreshed or the electrical charges in the individual memory capacitors will drain and the data will be lost.

SRAM stands for Static RAM. It does not need the periodic refresh rate like DRAM. It is also much faster than DRAM and is fully able to keep pace with modern processor. However SRAM are both physically larger and store less bits overall and are more expensive to produce.

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