In the case of computer we can find many storage devices such as RAM, ROM, hard disk etc. But these are found inside the CPU of the computer used to store different mass of instructions, data, programs etc. and are simply called as internal devices. These devices help to store data, instructions, etc. temporarily like RAM and permanently like ROM and hard disk.

Like internal storage devices we can also find external storage devices of various kinds. Floptical drives, Cartridge drives, Zip drives, Jaz drives, and Pen drives are some varieties of external devices we can find. These external devices are also called as removable storage devices because they are easy to use and remove. Many data, information etc. can be stored in these devices and taken to another place and use in another computer as needed. The external storage devices are very helpful as it helps us to take required information from one computer and take along with us at any place we need and transfer it to another computer.

floptical drive

Floptical drive is a special high capacity floppy disk drive. These drives can both read and write standard floppy disks and has higher capacity floppy disks. The recently introduced was 120 MB drive and this drive is called Super Disk Drive.

cartridge drive

Cartridge drive was introduced as Bernoulli drive however different than Bernoulli drive and are widely known as the most durable of the removable media disk drive type.

zip drive

Zip drive is also formed by Bernoulli drive from Iomega. It is a popular drive capable of storing up to 100MB of the data on a small removable cartridge that resembles a 3.5 inch floppy disk. These days internal Zip drives are also available in PC’s.

jaz drive

Jaz drive is also considered as removable hand disk drive also developed by Iomega. It has capacity 1G, 2G. But the cartridge is very costly as compared to other and is not widely used.

We can find a lot of new types of external storage devices as compared to the new technology.

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