Gadget AdvisorLately one of my friends asked me one question, “Why do the search engines, like Google, have only blogs on their first top 10 pages instead of websites or forums these days?” My answer was I am a blogger and from my experience it must be due to our hard work. It was supposed to be a joke but with facts. Most of the bloggers write about the latest and happening news in their blogs which would definitely be helpful to people who are searching for things with certain keywords within certain areas. What bloggers do is research a lot and go thorough a lot of websites and collects facts and data which then they transfer into their helpful blog posts.

firefoxThere are varieties of blog with varieties of niches and every blog(s) has different view points and information on it. My recent hobby has been writing about technology; hence, I have created this technology blog to share my knowledge to all the people around the globe. In my research I end up visiting today. Soon I knew that this blog will go the top of the technology blog list. It has so many helpful articles and most important and popular topics in it. The goal of the site is not to list every bit of news from each day but to focus on the product releases and news items that are the most significant, useful, or particularly cool. For example the most happening and popular operating system has been Windows and almost everyone using Windows would most probably want to get updated with best Windows software which is reviewed in Another good example would be the most popular browser these days, that would be Firefox. I too have been using Firefox from some years and the most amazing and interesting part of Firefox is their plugins and extensions. Gadget Advisor understands and has focused into this part and they have reviewed best extensions for Firefox. They not only blog about the great official sites but also most helpful ones. Reading Blaze Media Pro review I found out they have a beautiful way of reviewing other helpful sites and they too are encouraging fellow bloggers.

So if you want to get the latest information regarding computer hardware, software, gadgets, and tech news, would be the website you would want to visit.

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