Plotter is an output device that draws pictures on paper based on commands from a computer. They are used to produce precise and good quality graphics and drawings under computer’s control. They use ink pen or ink jet to draw and other single color or multicolor pens can be used. The pens are driven by motor. Drawings are prepared on paper, vellum Mylar with color transparency if needed.

Pen plotters are slow devices; however, the graphics and drawings produced as uniform and precise and are of very good quality. They are used for low to medium volume job. It takes several seconds for simple drawings and several minutes for complex drawings. But it takes much less time as compared to traditional hand methods of producing drawing. Generally plotters are more expensive than printers and are used in engineering application.

Plotters can be further classified as:

  • Drum plotters
  • M Krogrip plotters
  • Flat bed plotters
  • Ink jet plotters

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