Voice input system is a system which gives access to computer without keyboard. It will become much easier and faster to use a computer without keyboard. Talking with a computer is incredible. Attempts have been made to develop a computer that can listen to the users and talk to them. The voice input to the computer i.e. voice recognition by a computer is much more difficult than voice output because the facts that the rules for generating voice through a speaker or a telephone can be easily defined than the rules for interpreting words spoken by a person. Different person got different tones of speech, speed, accent, and pronunciation and these differences make voice recognition a difficult job.

In the voice input systems, the speed is converted into electrical signal using a microphone and the signal are sent to the processor for processing. The signal pattern is compared with the patterns stored in the memory. Then the word is recognized only when a voice match is found, then the computer gives a corresponding output. IBM has developed a talk writer with 6000 words which is capable of detecting words with 95% accessory. A voice recognition system is meant for business corresponding and can be used in factories where both hands of workers are engaged in the job and he/she wants to input some data into the computer. It can also be used to assist handicapped or those who are confined to bed in a number of tasks; to control access to restricted areas, identify people, etc. The use of voice input system will be a great achievement.

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