The development of broadband with mobile and satellite technologies were expected to bring more advancement in communication. But availability of broadband connections to dial up users and speed of the connections have not reached the mark.

The UK government has promised to deliver broadband service at an average speed of 2 Mbps to at least 80% of the house holds. It has given some hope for dial up users and people with no Internet connection across the country, especially the people from the rural areas. Broadband service providers are also adopting various technologies and funding more money to provided improved broadband speeds. The release of the mobile broadband service has served the thirst of a million Internet users.

At present the average speed of a cable broadband connection ranges from 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps. The mobile broadband speed ranges varies from 7 to 8 Mbps. But the actual speed definitely is lesser than mentioned due to many technical and feasibility issues. To overcome these issues the broadband service providers has to adopt perfect engineering concepts and innovative ideas. Also the users should be educated and aware about using choosing and using a broadband service.

Even though mobile broadband is a better technology which can serve a lot new broadband users, its not completely made ready in the UK. A recent research says that UK lags behind and is standing 25th in the broadband service quality. The frequency ranges of the mobile broadband has to be increased and the network has to be expanded across the rural areas to serve more users. Climatic conditions, buildings and other natural factors can affect the availability of the services. There are few European and Asian countries that have more than 60 Mbps of speed served for broadband users. So 20 Mbps is far behind many countries.

Satellite broadband
is also another technology that not many are aware of. It has to adopted by many broadband providers and the availability has to be increased which definitely can serve the rural areas. Investing in this technology can also avoid laying of fiber optic cables across the country.

The Internet has created an identity to everyone and helps communicate with millions across the world. But the valuable resource has to be taken care and used properly by the broadband users as well. Avoiding illegal file sharing or unnecessary downloads can save a larger bandwidth and help other users to communicate faster.

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